24 hours notice is respectfully requested otherwise a no-show or late cancellation fee (50% of the service that was booked) may be applied and must be paid before rescheduling another grooming appointment.


All cats must be brought in a carrier.  We must be able to secure your cat if the groom is completed before you pick him/her up.    The carrier should be CLEAN enough to put your freshly groomed cat into ~ if it is not, a cleaning fee will be applied.


If there is any chance your cat may have parasites, please treat your pets before scheduling an appointment.  Whisker Tales does not offer flea shampoo appointments.  * If fleas are found during the groom, a flea bath will be given and a surcharge added for shampoo and salon cleanup.   If you do not agree, we cannot continue with the groom as this will pose a risk of fleas to other clients’ cats.  A fee may also be applied to sanitize equipment and/or salon.

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