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If you have never had your cat professionally groomed before, I invite you to speak with me. Once I see your kitty and we discuss your needs, I can offer suitable solutions to whatever issues you and your cat are dealing with.

Whisker Tales Cat Grooming offers a variety of services to meet your cat’s grooming needs.

Some of the problems you and your cat may be dealing with are tangles, mats, dandruff, allergies, hairballs, sharp or ingrown claws, shedding, grease, odors, and unsanitary conditions. Whatever the problem, I have a solution.

Full Coat Groom - Medium and Long Haired Cats - $80


  • Nail trim
  • Sanitary trim
  • Ear and eye cleanse
  • Face cleanse
  • Bath & blow dry
  • Comb out

* Does NOT include toe tuft trim
* Mat or pelt removal and ingrown nails will incur additional charges…price dependent on severity

* Over 15 lbs, add $10

Full Coat Groom – Short Haired Cats – $70


  • Nail trim
  • Ear and eye cleanse
  • Face cleanse
  • Bath & blow dry (or towel dry)
  • Comb out

* Does not include sanitary trim
* Mat or pelt removal and ingrown nails will incur additional charges…price dependent on severity 

* Over 15 lbs, add $10

Available Add-Ons to Full Coat Groom
  • Sanitary trim – $5 for short haired (included in medium and long haired Full Coat Groom)
  • Belly shave (half) – $5
  • Belly shave (full) – $10
  • De-Shed Treatment – $15
  • Nail Caps – Front Only – $20
  • Nail Caps – Back Only – $20
  • Nail Caps – Front/Back – $35
  • Toe Tuft Trim – $5


  • Tail Colouring ~ starting at $45
    • This service is available only for cats that have been groomed at Whisker Tales previously 1-2 times in order for them to be assessed and deemed a good candidate.  This is also only available as an add-on to a Full Coat Groom. Please inquire at next appointment request.



Stand Alone Services
  • Nail trim only – $10
  • Nail trim + ear and eye cleanse + comb out (in coat with minimal to no tangles) – $20
  • Sanitary trim – $10
  • Belly shave (half) – $10
  • Belly shave (full) – $15
  • Ruff trim/thinning – $10
  • De-Shed Treatment – $20
    • available only if on a regular maintenance Full Coat Groom schedule and DST is scheduled in between appointments
  • SoftPaws – Front Only – $20
  • SoftPaws – Back Only – $20
  • SoftPaws – Front/Back – $35
  • Toe Tuft Trim – $10
  • Ingrown nails – price dependent on severity
Lion Cut - $125


  • Shave down leaving ‘boots’, mane and full tail or pom-pom)
  • Nail trim
  • Bath & blow dry
  • Comb out
  • Ear cleaning
  • Eye & face cleaning

mat removal additional – price dependent on severity

Comb Cut (Teddy Bear Cut) - $110


  • Coat is trimmed to a variety of lengths (1/8″ to 1″)
    • this trim leaves ‘boots’, full mane or blended, full tail or pom-pom
  • Nail trim
  • Ear and eye cleanse
  • Face cleanse
  • Bath & blow dry (or towel dry)
  • Comb out

*can only be done on mat-free coats

Kitten Groom (up to 6 months) $45

The earlier you introduce your kitty to grooming the more chance it will be a pawsitive experience for them and you.


  • Nail trim
  • Sanitary trim (for medium and long haired cats)
  • Ear and eye cleanse
  • Face cleanse
  • Bath and blow dry (or towel dry)
  • Comb out


Senior Groom Package

Sometimes our senior cats need only what is necessary to keep them comfortable and happy.  Some do well being bathed with warm and soothing water over their joints. Some will do well with just a nail trim, sanitary trim (especially important for seniors with arthritis who have trouble keeping themselves tidy), eyes/ears/face cleansed and a comb out or brush out.  Some have mats that need removing to relieve pain and discomfort.

Please call to discuss your senior cat’s needs.  When you arrive for your appointment and we have had a chance to assess your kitty’s condition and temperament we will tailor a package for them taking into consideration your requests and our recommendations.

**Price will be dependent upon this discussion.


If fleas are found during the groom, a flea bath will automatically be given and a surcharge added for shampoo and salon cleanup.  (If you do not agree, we cannot continue with the groom as this will pose a risk of fleas to other clients’ cats.  Thank you for understanding.) * SEE POLICIES – Fleas and Other Parasites.

Extra charges will be applied for the following (price dependent on severity):

  • Mat removal
  • Pelt removal
  • Fecal matter removal
  • Ingrown nails
  • Flea shampoo

* Prices subject to change

GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE in $50, $25, $10, $5 denominations

PAYMENT  ACCEPTED: Cash, Credit Card, E-transfer  (no debit)     



From 01 February – 20 March 2019

Bring a old bath towel, get $5 off.

Just until 20 March, bring in an unwanted bath-sized towel for your appointment (you know the ones….. dingy, unattractive but serviceable) that is in decent condition (not thin beach towels, torn or threadbare) and get $5 off your groom.  Limit two towels per groom ($10).

Whisker Tales Cat Grooming also always welcomes old tea or hand towels if you have extra. No discounts, but these are handy to send home clean groomed cats on a fresh crate mat. These donations are greatly appreciated and accepted always.

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