Frequently Asked Questions

What causes matting?
Greasy skin and coat combined with natural shedding causes matting. And once a small tangle or mat forms, it grows very quMatted coatickly. The only real defense against tangles and mats is regular bathing and drying done by a professional cat groomer who truly knows what they are doing. Some groomers are not cat groomers and will groom a cat using products and techniques that can cause more problems. Make sure your cat groomer is certified through the National Cat Groomers Institute of America, inc, the only cat grooming association that offers effective, quality training for cat grooming certification.
Do cats like getting a bath?

Contrary to popular belief, most cats do not mind being bathed. In fact, many are very calm during the bathing process and seem to find it relaxing. I gently introduce the cat to the bathing process each time, until I can see that they are used to it. I know from experience that cat owners report they have a very happy cat after it returns home from a day at the “spa”.

How do you dry the cats?
I use the Catty Shack Vac. It is a plexi-glass containment system that significantly reduces drying time. The CSV keeps your cat secure but allows for freedom of movement while I gently hand dry your cat. I do not use a cage dryer and I never leave your cat alone. The CSV was designed specifically for cats which means I can offer the most efficient drying process and produce the highest quality results.

At times, I may choose to wrap your cat in a cozy towel or blanket, on my lap, and using the high velocity dryer, gently dry them this way, depending on how they are feeling that day.

Will you sedate my cat?
No.  I do not sedate cats. In reality, very few cats truly do need any sort of sedative in order to be groomed. I handle each cat in such a way that the need for drugs of any kind rarely happens. If I do think your cat would best be served by receiving medication, I will refer you to your veterinarian for a mild sedative that can be administered prior to the grooming appointment.
Will it hurt my cat to be groomed?
It can hurt your cat to NOT be groomed. Cats that are not groomed are prone to serious matting problems, skin conditions, painful ingrown nails, and a variety of other problems that, if left unattended, can cause irreversible damage or even death.

In a cat that is groomed regularly (approximately every 6 weeks) such problems can be prevented. As a groomer, I am handling your cat on a regular basis and looking over every inch of its body during each visit.  Because of this, health issues that can arise may be found early on, and the likelihood of effective intervention is increased.

How long will it take for you to groom my cat?
I typically like to allow 3 hours for your appointment.  If you bring in two or more, or the cat is severely pelted or matted, the groom time may take longer. Once I see your cat/cats in person, we can pre-arrange a time for you to pick up your cat, or I can call you when we’re done.  Most grooms can be completed in less time but I like to ensure that your cat has the opportunity to acclimate to the surroundings a little, being a new environment.  I believe cats are better served by not being away from their normal home environment any longer than possible and, therefore, strive to complete each groom in an efficient and timely manner, however, at the same time being mindful of your cat’s comfort level and respectful of their needs in the grooming process.  I want your cat to feel as comfortable and calm as possible and to not feel rushed.  Your cat’s comfort and safety is my top priority.
How often should my cat be groomed?
The National Cat Groomers Institute and the Cat Fancier’s Association recommendations are as follows:

  • Long hair ~ every 4 – 6 weeks
  • Medium hair ~ every 6 – 8 weeks
  • Short hair ~ every 8 – 12 weeks


Can you groom my cat if he is aggressive?
Most of the time I can. I can usually tell when I initially see your cat in person whether or not it can be safely handled. If I feel that the groom may not be completed safely (for your cat or myself) I will stop the groom and refer you to your veterinarian to discuss other options.
Can you groom my cat if I have tried other salons and they have turned him away?
I only groom cats.  My training and experience in safe handling techniques and having a calm, canine-free salon may make the difference.   If I feel that the groom may not be completed safely (for your cat or myself) I will stop the groom and refer you to your veterinarian to discuss other options.  However, I am always willing to try.
What are Soft Paws?
Soft Paws are a safe and humane alternative to declawing.  Soft vinyl caps, easy to apply and easy to remove.

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Can I stay during the groom?

It is preferred that the owner does not stay with the cat during the groom.  Most cats do much better without the owner being present.

* On rare occasions, you may be requested to stay if it is decided that it would benefit the cat.